Co-Founder / Sr. Editor

Jennifer is the co-founder and editor at The Wine Down Report, happy to hop on board after a true introduction to the wine world a few years ago, all thanks to some fabulous, well-educated, wine enthusiast friends.

Living in the Boston area with her husband and three teenagers, she’s been a content creator since 2015. With over 8 years of experience writing gift guides and product reviews for Brostrick and Jenraly, she has a knack for uncovering some of the best hidden gems in the wine world.

Whether it’s attending virtual or in-person tastings, she’s always up for trying something new – from various bottles of the same grape, same producer, or food and wine pairings.

While she personally enjoys a light-bodied, less sweet red or white, Jennifer knows that there’s a wine out there for everyone, and is eager to share her latest discoveries with her readers.