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Chateau des Jacques Moulin a Cent Clos de Rochegres (2020) Review & Guide

Oh, let me share with you why Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegres has become a favorite Beaujolais. This wine is a true charmer, and the perfect go-to with its fabulous flavors and captivating aromas.

The Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegres Guide

Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegres 2020 Overview

When it comes to taste, this Beaujolais is a delightful explosion of fruit. Picture yourself biting into a ripe, juicy cherry. That’s exactly what you’ll experience with each sip of this wine. The flavors of cherries and raspberries move across your palate, evoking vibes of summer. There’s a subtle hint of blackberry, adding depth and complexity to the party. 

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So what  makes this one stand out for us?  In my opinion, what sets this one apart from some others is partly the texture.  I find this Beaujolais to be smooth and velvety. It’s medium-bodied, striking a perfect balance between light and heavy while the tannins are well-integrated, giving the wine a pleasant structure without overpowering the fruit-forward nature. 











What Does this Beaujolais Taste Like? (Tasting Notes)

This red is known for its bright acidity, forward fruit and great balanced flavor profile. Here are the typical tasting notes you can expect from this wine:


Floral aromas roses, and violets. Notes or dark berries and a hint of earthiness and minerality, that are a nod to the region’s terroir.


A medium to full bodied wine, you’ll find bright acidity, and long lasting tannins. Flavors of cherry and raspberry are prominent.

Overall, it’s a vibrant, flavorful well balanced wine, with a bright acidity that’s refreshing when chilled, but not too light, either.  Quite honestly, Beaujolais is always a great wine to have on hand any time of year.  While its lightness and fruit forward flavor can be reminiscent of summer months, we also reach for this one throughout the fall and right into winter!  It’s versatile enough to pull out as a casual pour, but I’ve also enjoyed pairing this with a nice dinner. 

Pros & Cons

As we always say, everyone’s preference and interpretations vary.  But that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of trying something different.   

This is one of our favorite Beaujolais wines.  Below are a few points below that might be worth noting, based on personal experience.  


  • Easy to drink and well balanced.
  • Not too light.  While I typically prefer lighter reds this was a great compromise, as my husband prefers a fuller red.
  • Versatile. I find a bit more flexibility with this one due to the fact that it leans more on the medium to full bodied end of the spectrum.
  • This beaujolais ages very well, so you don’t have to “drink it now”


  • One of the great things about Beaujolais, is that there are so many options that come at a great price point.  With that being said, this one is priced just a bit  higher than some others – with an average price (that I’ve found) of around $42
  •  I prefer this red a bit chilled.
  • This Beaujolais falls more on the medium – full bodied end of the spectrum.

What Foods Pair Well With This Beaujolais?

When it comes to food pairings, this Beaujolais is a versatile and trusty companion. It pairs well with a range of dishes, making it a great go-to choice for any occasion. Try it with roasted poultry, grilled salmon, or even a hearty plate of charcuterie (always a favorite here).  

Should I Chill It?

Again, something like this is always personal preference.  I prefer my lighter reds chilled, so if you prefer the same I’d recommend trying this Beaujolais slightly chilled, or below room temperature.  In fact, I prefer to enjoy most Beaujolais slightly chilled, and find it enhances their freshness and fruit-forward characteristics.  

Is It Worth the Price?

I think so.  While there are plenty of fabulous Beaujolais at a lower price point, this one is definitely a favorite in my house.  The fact that it ages well, is key for me.  Sometimes, as our collection grows larger, we find ourselves “panic drinking” wines that aren’t meant for the long haul.  Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic.  By you get where I’m going.  So I appreciate that this one can hang for a while if necessary.

Where to Buy It Online

Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegre 2020


At the end of the day,  summary, Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent Clos de Rochegres is a Beaujolais that stands out with its captivating flavors and enticing aromas. It’s like savoring the essence of summer in a glass, or a chilly night by the fire.  So, grab a bottle, raise your glass, and let this exceptional Beaujolais whisk you away on a journey of pure enjoyment. Cheers!

Reader Comments (How Our Readers Rate It)

We’re not wine snobs around here so we live by the motto, “Drink what you like,” so while this one may not be for everyone, we’d love to hear what you think of it.  Sound off below – just be kind.

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