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Patrick Varone / Founder / Editor

Patrick is one of the founders of The Wine Down Report, having consumed endless bottles of wine for more than 20 years.  He’s been a content creator since 2006, a product reviews editor since 2014, and has contributed content to Harper’s BAZAAR, Best Products, Trendsicle, Brostrick and MTV.  Having lived in New York for more than a decade he, of course, fell into the rosé hole and Prosecco tunnel.  Most of his wine reviews will be dedicated to these summer faves.

Jennifer Belanger / Co-Founder / Sr. Editor

Jennifer is the co-founder and editor at The Wine Down Report, happy to hop on board after a true introduction to the wine world a few years ago, all thanks to some fabulous, well-educated, wine enthusiast friends. 

Living in the Boston area with her husband and three teenagers, she’s been a content creator since 2015. With over 8 years of experience writing gift guides and product reviews for Brostrick and Jenraly, she has a knack for uncovering some of the best hidden gems in the wine world. Whether it’s attending virtual or in-person tastings, she’s always up for trying something new – from various bottles of the same grape, same producer, or food and wine pairings. While she personally enjoys a light-bodied, less sweet red or white, Jennifer knows that there’s a wine out there for everyone, and is eager to share her latest discoveries with her readers.

David Belanger / Co-Founder / Editor

Meet Dave, the Boston-based staffing industry veteran (owner of The Ceres Group) and hockey coach turned wine enthusiast. He’s a man of many hats, and when he’s not running his successful staffing company or spending time with his three teenagers, you can find him uncorking a bottle of his favorite vintage.

His wine journey began several years ago, and he hasn’t looked back since. With a preference for reds, he loves the experience of sipping on old wines and trying out different varietals.

But don’t let his love of reds fool you – he also has a sweet tooth when it comes to wine. He’s a big fan of dessert wines, and he can’t resist a glass of orange wine.

As a true wine enthusiast, Dave loves to share his passion with others, establishing “Old Wine Wednesday,” a weekly gathering where he and his wine-loving friends open an older bottle of something special from their collections, as well as “The Summer of Rare Varietals,” a series of tastings where they explored lesser-known wine varieties.

And when it comes to expanding his wine knowledge, he is always up for a challenge. He’s currently taking wine classes to learn even more about the world of wine. With his infectious enthusiasm and love of trying new things, we can’t wait to see what new discoveries he’ll make in the world of wine next.