Oh No! I Didn’t Love My Stella Rosa Rosé

I was underwhelmed, but maybe this Stella Rosé has something you'll love.

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Stella Rosa Rosé Review 2024

My expectations were already a bit low, but I tried Stella Rosa Rosé with a total open mind.   I’m not bothered that you could buy it at Costco, Walmart, and Target (yep, they sell it too) as I’m proud to drink a rosé or two out of the can,  but I was overall disappointed in this one – which is tough for me to say.

As always, wines can be subjective so what doesn’t work for me may actually work for you.  I’ll do my best to give you my experience, what this one tastes like (to me), what you can expect and, of course, where you can pick up a bottle at a decent price.

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Stella Rosa Rosé Overview

Since I believe that you don’t have to spend a ton to get a decent bottle of rosé, I did go the cheap route with this one.  Here’s what I found.

Stella Rosa Rosé is marketed as a semi-sweet wine, but I personally found it very sweet.  Like, almost too sweet.  Now that’s not a bad thing, especially if you’re into sweet sips.

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Made from a blend of several grape varietals, including Moscato and Brachetto, this rose wine has a light pink color and a fruity aroma that hints at the flavors to come.  And there’s plenty of fruity flavor.











What Stella Rose Tastes Like (Tasting Notes)

As soon as you open the bottle you’ll get the scent of fresh berries, mainly strawberry and raspberry.  It’s immediately noticeable.

The aroma isn’t totally overpowering, but you’re going to pick up the sweetness of the fruit scents.  For me, it’s a bit too much, but some of you may love the fruity scent and taste.  The wine itself is a pale pink color that is perfectly suited for a summer afternoon or evening.


  • On the nose, you can pick out notes of fresh berries, like strawberry and raspberry, which give the wine its characteristic fruity aroma.
  • These fruit notes are complemented by subtle floral notes, like rose petals or orange blossom, which add a delicate touch to the wine’s aroma.


  • On the palate you’ll get a  sweet taste that is partially balanced by a crisp acidity.
  • The prominent flavor on the palate is again the taste of strawberries, which gives the wine its fresh and fruity character.
  • You may notice hints of other red fruits, like as cherries or cranberries, which add complexity to the wine’s flavor profile.

Overall, the notes on the nose and palate of Stella Rosa Rosé combine to create a refreshing and fruit-filled drinking experience that is perfect for a hot summer day or any occasion that calls for an easy-to-drink wine.

Pros & Cons

Per usual, I find pros and cons to be subjective based on your own preference.  This is the case here as well.  Here’s what I loved and a few things to give you a heads-up on, just in case this applies to your preferences too.


  • You can get a 1.5L bottle for about the price of a smaller 750ml bottle of some other rosés.
  • It’s pretty easy to drink as a one-off and not one you’ll quickly get rosé buzzed on.


  • I found it really sweet and fruity – not dry at all.
  • The ABV is only at 6.5% which is about half of many other rosés, so if you’re looking to get a bit buzzed, it’ll take longer.
  • After the second glass, I personally found the fruit flavor to be a bit too much – like it was giving me a headache. 

Where to Buy It Online For Pretty Cheap


Overall, I don’t find Stella Rose to be a bad rosé, it just wasn’t for me.  While I do like a nice fruit profile, I prefer my rosé to be a bit more dry.  And, well, if I’m being honest the very low alcohol level was too low for my liking (it’s only 6.5% ABV).  Not that I want to get crazy wasted off my rosé, but I prefer a nice little buzz on a summer night or help me wind down.  

If you want a really sweet, low alcohol level rosé you can always give this one a try.  Let me know your experience in the ratings and comment section below.

Reader Comments (How Our Readers Rate It)

We’re not wine snobs around here so we live by the motto, “Drink what you like,” so while this one may not be for everyone, we’d love to hear what you think of it.  Sound off below – just be kind.