We’re Pairing Wine With Takis Because This is Life Now

Sometimes all the rules just go out the window.

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Wine Pairing With Takis Snacks 2024

Here at The Wine Down, we’ve already paired wine with steaks, salmon dishes, risotto, and even duck.  So it only made sense that I took the time to pair some wines with the snack that’s basically covering the furniture in every home across America.  Yes, I’m talking about Takis.  

Takis are a spicy, crunchy snack that just about every kid loves and every parent hates – mainly because the fuego Takis dust gets on everything.  But, let’s be real, you actually enjoy them yourself too.  So, once the kids are tucked away in bed, I recommend busting open a bag and pouring yourself a glass or five of wine.  But which wines actually go with Takis?  Overall you’ll want to look for a wine that can balance out the heat and intensity of the snack.  So I put together a few wines that’ll do the trick.

Wines That Go With Your Takis

A Dry Rosé + Takis

Perfect for summer Takis snacking, rosé wines are known for their refreshing acidity and fruity notes, making them a good option for pairing with spicy snacks like Takis.

Specifically, I find dry Provence rosé wines are a classic choice for this pairing, with their light and crisp profile that can complement the heat of the Takis without overwhelming it.  As if that could happen?!

Some additional regions you can take a look at include Tavel in the Rhone Valley, France; Navarra in Spain, and California right here in the US.

An Off-Dry Riesling + Takis

Riesling wines are known for their aromatic profile and bright acidity, making them a fun option to pair with the spice of the Takis.

Off-dry Rieslings, in particular, can offer a touch of sweetness that can help balance the heat of the snack while still offering enough acidity to refresh your palate. Because, after all, a refreshed palate is a must when munching on Takis.

Regions you can look into for your Riesling include Mosel in Germany, Alsace in France, Clare Valley in Australia, and Finger Lakes in New York.

One popular option is the Dr. Loosen Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel region in Germany.  It features notes of green apple, pear, and lime, along with a touch of sweetness and a crisp acidity that can make it a good pairing with Takis. The sweetness of the wine can help balance the heat of the snack, while the acidity can refresh your palate between bites.

Champagne + Takis

Since you’re already eating a snack fit for royalty, you might as well pair it with a champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling wines.

Sparkling wines like Prosecco, Cava, and Champagne can be a fun and unexpected pairing with Takis. The bubbles in the wine can help cleanse your palate between munching, while the acidity and complexity of the wine can add an interesting layer of flavor to the pairing.

Some popular regions for sparkling wines to look into include Veneto in Italy, Penedes in Spain, and Champagne in France (duh!).

Pinot Grigio + Takis

Since Pinot Grigio is a popular white wine that’s really known for its light and refreshing profile, it makes a decent option for pairing with anything spicy snacks, especially Takis.

The crisp acidity and subtle fruit notes of Pinot Grigio can complement the bold flavors of the snack without overwhelming them.

Some regions to check out for a decent Pinot Grigio wines include Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, Oregon in the United States, and Veneto in Italy.

In Conclusion

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to take the plunge?  Of course, most of this pairing is just for fun, but in all seriousness the above wines (dry rosé, off-dry riesling, Champagne, and pinot grigio) make excellent pairing choices because they all help to balance out the overall spiciness of the Takis without overwhelming the overall flavor.

Do you have a fun pairing you want us to write about or one that you want to share with us?  Drop us a note at heythere@winedownreport.com